Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Contented Smile

Dear Loveee,

You do know how I always maintain that it is impossible to explain exactly why we love somebody or what it is about a person that makes us love him or her. And perhaps, that question need not arise in the first place. We are in love, and that is that. No questions asked, no answers need to be thought about.

Each day I find a new reason to fall in love with you all over again, and feel the flutter surge through my heart like a fresh new wave, wilder than the previous one. And it surprises me, how even after all these years, there are still so many things we are yet to discover and explore in each other. As though I wake up in the morning and see you in a whole new light and find you just the same yet a little different. The way the locks of your hair are tousled carelessly on your head, the childlike innocence of your sleeping face, the way you curve into yourself under the sheets for warmth - I have seen it all before, and every time it's like peering through a kaleidoscope, never knowing what new patterns and images would emerge with every turn. This somehow reminds me of how I look at the mountains and birds and trees and can never tire of admiring them because each time you behold them you see new things, you feel new emotions - all unchanged yet different.

And I think I have become lazy now! :) More so than ever before. The entire state of being in love with you - this is the closest I have come to the truth. I suppose there are more progressive stages - from 'being in love with someone' to 'being in love' to simply 'being'. But I am happy now, in this kind of a contented existence. I seek no material comforts. No discomfort is too harsh to bear. Oh yes, we do allow ourselves to be distracted once in a while to make an effort for our basic means of survival. But other than that, I think we have transcended this silly material world. And for all that, I am entirely at peace with myself, all because of your love.

Your Moonstruck Girl.

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  1. No questions asked. Love is. And yes that is what love, if it is love, should make of us. :)

    Finally found the writes I loved reading from you. Was browsing thru some old writes, when I found "impulsively me"... Missed the outpourings, so here I am :)

    Today is a good day :) Wl be back, if it's ok?